Hartevelt continues to build on its future!

Due to the continuous growth within the company, more construction has taken place within Hartevelt. Workspaces have been set up more efficiently and new transport lanes have been added. The goods reception location has been provided with pallet racks that allow higher stacking of pallets. To wrap these pallets more easily and more efficiently for transport, we have purchased a pallet-wrapping machine! Hartevelt even invested in transport!

“The entire team has been focusing on mapping the business processes the past couple of months. What can be improved, more efficient, faster, and perhaps even safer. We came up with several conclusions from this process, and the result is one to be proud of” says Hélène Hartevelt, general manager at Hartevelt Dry-Cleaners & Logistics.

Roy de Zoete (business manager) adds: “especially in the warehouse we have made some large steps forward over the past year. Our Warehouse Management System has had several updates, allowing for faster order picking by the order pickers. In addition, we can store any requests faster and we have a built-in tool that makes sure our warehouses are arranged in the most efficient manner for our order pickers”. Through continuous improvement Hartevelt can maintain its position at the top when it comes to using the best warehousing techniques in the textile and clothing sector.

Hartevelt has not just optimized its WMS, but the entire logistics process. “Previously, we worked using an outdated method doing everything by hand. Nowadays we rarely use a consignment note. Both our in- and outbound processes make use of scanning technology, telling us exactly what enters and leaves our building. All our customers – B2B and individual customers – can follow their orders using a Track&Trace”.

These developments have made Hartevelt to become a partner in the textiles branches that provides all the services you may need. Storage, order picking, value added services, return logistics and continued transport elsewhere; your logistical wishes will be fulfilled! “We often take care of the entire logistical process for our clients. This is part of the reason why we looked at the transportation process of goods. Using our newly purchased pallet-wrapping machine and our new box truck, we are better equipped to fulfill any wishes our clients may have!” says Hélène Hartevelt.