Over 30,000 Christmas gift boxes prepared at Hartevelt!

It is becoming more and more like a tradition: on December 6th, the day after St. Nicolas leaves the country, the whole country shifts focus to Christmas. The fact that Christmas is on everyone’s mind becomes evident as soon as you walk out the door. The neighbors have decorated their Christmas trees, the streets are lit up, and there are Christmas decorations everywhere. And then there is Hartevelt. At Hartevelt they have been preparing for Christmas for weeks already!

We haven’t been preparing for ourselves, but for our clients in our logistics chain. This year we are wrapping over 30,000 Christmas giftboxes for clients throughout the entire country. Why is a company in the industry doing this? “Because we are dealing with a quiet period caused by seasonality, wrapping Christmas giftboxes is an ideal solution to fill the extra time on our hands. Especially since we have grown significantly in the logistics area, we are now able to provide our clients with a complete solution with these added services” says Hélène Hartevelt, director of Hartevelt.

How does it work?
We start with discussing with the client what the package should look like, and how it should be wrapped. After we have received the goods, we start with the wrapping process. A team of experienced wrappers is involved in the process from A to Z: from the folding of the box to the weighing to make sure all the goods are in the package. After the package has left the conveyor belt, it is stacked on a pallet that is eventually sealed and made ready to be picked up. In case the client is not able to transport the packages themselves, then we can take care of delivery as well.