Sign up garments online and pay easily using Hartevelt Business

We live in hectic times where many people have a stressful job. After a tiresome working day, you still have to pick up the kids from school, prepare dinner, and go to the gym. The result? There is no time left to do the domestic chores. Hartevelt Commercial offers the solution!

Hartevelt Commercial was created with the purpose to relieve employees of organizations of their worries concerning the dry-cleaning of clothes. The employee is no longer required to go to the dry-cleaner’s and has more time left to do other things. Signing up clothes is easily done through the website, as is payment. When that is done, we will take over and make sure your clothes are returned to you in spotless condition!

How does it work?

To use the commercial service, your company has to sign up to become a member. If your firm is already a member, you can sign up your clothes using the sign-up form in a very straightforward manner. You select the organization you work for and your organization’s address will automatically appear, which is where our driver will go to pick up the garments. To finalize your order, you will have to fill in some personal information and the type of goods you want dry-cleaned. The prices will be displayed per type of good.

After making sure your order is free of errors, you proceed to our online payment method “Mollie”. This is a secure payment method that satisfies the standards for safe internet payments, set up by the European Bank authorities. As soon as you finish the payment, your order will be in our system! All that is left to do is to leave the relevant garments in the laundry room. In the laundry room there will be covers for you to hang your clothes in. On the cover there is a small window where you have to option to insert your business card, so we – and the people in your own organization – know who the owner is.

We pick up the clothes and determine the most appropriate cleaning method after an initial inspection. After the cleaning process, we dry-clean the garments and apply any finishing touches when necessary. Only when our specialists are satisfied with the result, will we return the goods. You can find your goods back in the laundry room at your organization when they are ready.


Want to sign up your organization for Hartevelt Commercial?

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