Dry-cleaning and laundry

With over 70 years of experience and skilled personnel, we dare to say we are THE specialist when it comes to textile cleaning. Our team of specialists possess the necessary certificates that allows them to be called specialists in their field.

Over Hartevelt


Structural errors can occur in the production process of clothes. This poses no problem for us. We can rectify any structural errors in our workshop. We provide this service on a large scale for importing firms, wholesalers, and retail stores. We don’t just handle the adding or adjusting of buttons and zippers, shortening/extending garments or relabeling them is also within our scope of expertise. Hartevelt’s workshop also has experience with attaching or replacing care labels, rivets, buttons, and bartacks and stitches.

Fashion logistics

Hartevelt provides a full-service package to logistics companies and restauration for clothing import firms, wholesalers, and retailers. In our company – a total of 12,000 provided with a 14,000-meter-long transport system – your goods will be handled with care: regardless if the shipments are extraordinarily large or small.


Clothing management

We manage the company clothing for many companies throughout the Netherlands. This includes protective clothing used by safety authorities. Because we use an automated system, the customer can see exactly what we have in storage, what still needs to be order picked, and what treatment the items have received. Our system allows us to clean the clothes at the dry-cleaning department, and have any adjustments done in our workshop. Finally, we can deliver the items at a home or company address. Your clothes will be in very capable hands at Hartevelt!


Hartevelt gets your products store-ready in tiptop shape through methods such as bracing, tunneling, blowing, drumming, ironing, and pressing. Using the complete solution package that we offer, we handle approximately 8,000,000 garments every year for a number of clothing import firms, wholesalers, and retailers from the Netherlands and Europe, and even outside of Europe. During the peak season we handle approximately 250,000 garments every week.



Using our automated system, we can link the systems from the client and Hartevelt. Orders are automatically transferred to the scanners, saving a lot of time which allows faster processing and shorter delivery times. The current inventory is also presented in a clear overview. We provide storage space for hanging goods as well as goods that can be stored lying down. With over 14 kilometers of monorails and 12,000  floor space we can provide the customer many storage options. Your goods will be stored in our secured building.