Clothing management

Your clothes will be in good hands

We manage the company clothing for many companies throughout the Netherlands. This includes protective clothing used by safety authorities. Because we use an automated system, the customer can see exactly what we have in storage, what still needs to be order picked, and what treatment the items have received. Our system allows us to clean the clothes at the dry-cleaning department, and have any adjustments done in our workshop. Finally, we can deliver the items at a home or company address. Your clothes will be in very capable hands at Hartevelt!

Our registration system

We take the management and registration of each garment/hanger very seriously. Our management system that allows customers to request information about each garment or hanger is evidence of this. Information is stored in our system using barcode labels and RIFD chips that are attached to the garments. Upon request, we can also provide such bar codes and RIFD chips for company and protective clothing.

Maintain your corporate identity

Every company or organization wants to present a certain identity to the public. The company clothing and brand play a large role in achieving this image, and it is important that this image creates a link to your corporate identity. After all, the people wearing company clothing are the face of your organization! Hartevelt offers to print your company logo on your company clothing. We are able to attach the logos in a sustainable way using our specialized machines. At the headquarters we can discuss where the logo should be on the clothing, and we can provide you with a sample immediately.

Our management system offers insights into:

  • the number of treatments per clothing item
  • the number of workshop activities performed on each hanger/item of clothing
  • cost overview per hanger/department/branch
  • the number of clothing items per hanger
  • the age of the clothing item
  • the laundry-related history of the hanger/item of clothing

Company clothing

Whether you are a small or large company, we can help! We offer several services that go together seamlessly. Your company is in good hands with us and will receive the treatment it deserves. We provide storage, cleaning, and adjustment services here at Hartevelt. Additionally, we can take care of any transportation needs with our pick-up and return service. A unique full-service deal! Whatever your wish may be, we take care of it all at Hartevelt!

Protective clothing

The treatment for protective clothing, and bunker gear in particular, is anything but standard and they must be dealt with carefully to avoid losing the protective abilities. If treatment is not done well, the clothing can lose its protective abilities and bunker gear might become vulnerable to fire, heat, water, or chemicals. Protective gear is also designed to be easily visible and recognizable, which it needs to maintain even after the cleaning process.