Protective clothing

Your safety is our concern

The treatment for protective clothing, and bunker gear in particular, is anything but standard and must be done with care to avoid losing the protective abilities. If treatment is not done well, the clothing can lose its protective abilities and bunker gear might become vulnerable to fire, heat, water, or chemicals. Protective gear is also designed to be easily visible and recognizable, which are properties it needs to maintain even after the cleaning process.

We have developed a special cleaning process where we focus on maintaining the material’s protective and safety properties. The process is designed to leave the materials and its qualities unchanged. We do not recommend using a domestic washing machine. During the cleaning process we remove dirt that is typically caused by the circumstances a fireman might be in – if possible – and the water and chemical repellent properties are regained by applying a fluorocarbon mixture. It is also possible to have your garments and other textiles (curtains, carpets, or pillows) made flame retardant.

In addition to cleaning your protective clothing, Hartevelt offers to manage your protective clothing from beginning to end. This entails storage, registration, measuring, and altering garments for each individual. We can also help you achieve your desired corporate identity by applying a company logo or slogan to the garments.