Dry-cleaning and laundry

Your specialist for a quick and clean result!

With over 70 years of experience and skilled personnel, we dare to say we are THE specialist when it comes to textile cleaning. Our team of specialists possess the necessary certificates that allows them to be called specialists in their field.

Our dry-cleaners services many commercial customers in Utrecht and other provinces in the Netherlands. We clean the textiles for Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Beatrix Theather, Nespresso Nederland and the KNVB. In most cases, the service we provide regards the company and work clothing, hospitality service textiles, and linen. Wondering if there is anything we can do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us to receive advice with no further obligations!


Benefits of choosing Hartevelt

  • Over 70 years of experience
  • Skilled personnel
  • High quality
  • Quick and easy
  • Private workshop
  • MVO
Zakelijke kleding

Business clothing

The most common laundry we handle is business clothing. By business clothing we mean a blazer, trousers, buttoned shirt, waistcoat, tie, dress or gown, etcetera. We dry-clean these types of clothes for big companies. Would you like to sign up? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Casual or special event wear

For years we have cleaned the special event attire for large event organizations like Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Beatrix Theater, and De Fabrique. Specific attires include promotional clothing, helmets, and go-kart and motorcycle suits. Furthermore, we clean the clothes for a number of different sports locations. For these customers we clean sportswear, skiing clothes, watersports outfits, etcetera. One example of such is the fact that we clean the sportswear for the football teams of the KNVB for many years now!


Fire and soot cleaning

When your clothes have been exposed to fire or smoke, you will have realized that getting rid of the smell caused by this is extremely difficult. It is essential that first all the soot particles are removed. The smell caused by the fire occupies the pores of permeable fabrics, making it nearly impossible to get rid of it using a domestic washing machine.