Bridal wear

Do you want your bridal wear cleaned? I do!

Besides our headquarters in De Meern we have dry-cleaning deposit locations throughout the entirety of Utrecht with the renowned service from Hartevelt. At any of these service points you can deposit or collect your laundry, curtains, carpets, or linen. Do you need anything to be repaired or adjusted? Our service points are the right place to go for repairs!


We advise you not to attempt cleaning a wedding dress yourself. This could make any stubborn stains even more difficult to get rid of, if the dirt merges with the fibers of the fabric. In case we are unable to completely remove any stains from the dress, we will naturally get in touch with you to discuss any further possibilities.

Benefits of choosing Hartevelt

  • Over 70 years of experience with cleaning bridal wear
  • High quality at a fair price
  • Specialist cleaning done by skilled personnel

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