Business clothing


Getting your blazer cleaned

We advise our customers not to clean their blazers in a domestic washing machine. This advice can also be found on the care label, indicated by the symbol: ℗ which stands for chemical purification. The chemical purification can only be done at a dry-cleaner’s. Even if the blazer does not contain a care label, we still advise you to have your blazers cleaned professionally. This will be beneficial to the durability and will help maintain the original fit of the blazer.

Getting your trousers cleaned

As a dry-cleaner’s, we have seen and cleaned our fair share of trousers. Trousers are one of the most common items that are brought to us. This is because trousers are the easiest to spill something on, and they can be difficult to iron at your home. Therefore, we advise you to bring your trousers to one of our service points. Of course, you are also welcome at our headquarters in De Meern.