Getting your blazer cleaned

Getting your blazer cleaned

We advise our customers not to clean their blazers in a domestic washing machine. This advice can also be found on the care label, indicated by the symbol: ℗ which stands for chemical purification. The chemical purification can only be done at a dry-cleaner’s. Even if the blazer does not contain a care label, we still advise you to have your blazers cleaned professionally. This will be beneficial to the durability and will help maintain the original fit of the blazer.

Our methods
Dry-cleaners Hartevelt has over 70 years of experience cleaning business attire, including blazers. We do this for both private customers, as well as for large commercial customers. After we have received the items, we conduct an initial inspection. A specialist checks the care label, if the pockets are empty, and if any damages are present. Then, the cleaning process is initiated. The business items are first cleaned in a machine, after which they are treated on an ironing board. The final wrinkles will be removed by manual ironing to ensure that you will be returned wrinkle-free business clothes!

Our team of specialists is capable of removing nearly any stain imaginable from your blazer. Think of oil stains, make-up stains, or grease. Stains caused by spilling any type of food are generally no problem for us, and can be removed entirely. The extent to which a stain can be removed, however, is strongly dependent on the degree of dirt and the fabric of the blazer. Are you not sure whether we will be able to remove your stains? Contact us! We are happy to provide you with professional advice.

Where do I turn in my clothes?
You can deposit your business attire at a Hartevelt service point or at our headquarters in De Meern (Utrecht).

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