Extend the lifetime of your helmet

When we think of helmets, we quickly arrive at motorcycle helmets. There are, however, more situations where wearing a helmet is of crucial importance. These include firemen when they have to respond to a call, or when you go paintballing with friends. All these different types of helmets have one thing in common: over time the inside of the helmet gets dirty. This can be caused by weather conditions, sweat, and the use of hair products. Getting your helmet cleaned will not only make your helmet look good again, it is also recommendable from hygiene viewpoint. Getting a helmet cleaned regularly is also beneficial for its lifetime.

Hartevelt has years of experience cleaning helmets for both private customers and commercial customers. De Fabrique in Utrecht and Van Straaten Post in Nieuwegein are two of our commercial customers. Whether we are dealing with one helmet or a great number of them, we will clean your helmets inside and out! Do you have any questions about the possibilities? Do not hesitate to contact us!