Fire and soot cleaning

For a spotless result

When your clothes have been exposed to fire or smoke, you will have realized that getting rid of the smell is extremely difficult. It is essential that first all the soot particles are removed. The smell caused by the fire occupies the pores of permeable fabrics, making it nearly impossible to get rid of it using a domestic washing machine. We advise you to have your garments cleaned professionally at Hartevelt’s dry-cleaners. Hartevelt has over 70 years of expertise when it comes to cleaning clothes and has years of experience removing the smell caused by fire exposure.

Dry-cleaners Hartevelt is very aware of the enormous consequences a fire can have. Not just the fire, but water and soot leave marks as well. Hartevelt will do anything to save your clothes. Our specialists work very accurately to get rid of fire and soot stains, and to counter the smell. Our methods help us to be able to return your clothes to you in perfect condition! We have taken on the challenge of getting all sorts of textiles free of the smell and soot caused by fires, and we are happy to take on the challenge to do the same for you!

Fire and soot requires very special treatments that are nonstandard. We advise you to first get in touch with us so we can discuss the possibilities, and potentially create a treatment plan.

Our emergency package

Being the victim of fire damage comes with a large number of complications. We would like to help relieve some of those complications by offering an emergency package. Often times, all of your clothes will be affected by fire damage, leaving you with no clean clothes. Through the emergency package, we let you select garments that will help you get through the first couple of days after the fire incident, which we will clean within 24 hours. This allows you to focus on solving more immediate issues than having to buy new clothes. For more information about our emergency package, please contact us.