Frequently Asked Questions

Is cleaning sustainable?

We can extend the durable lifetime of clothing using professional cleaning treatments. The clothing will be as new, without any detriment to the original quality. Considering only these statements, the cleaning process is already a sustainable activity: it extends the lifetime of the clothing item. The cleaning process itself is also sustainable. Through the application of modern techniques and using modern machinery we can prevent solvents from affecting the environment. additionally, we are constantly working together with suppliers to find new environmentally friendly and biodegradable solvents, that still provide the desired cleaning results.

Are all stains treatable?

Naturally, we always try our best to remove all stains. Stains are categorized first, then the appropriate solution is chosen and used to remove the stain. If the stain is not removed, the process is repeated. In most cases this provides the desired result. It is possible, however, that a stain cannot be removed in spite of our efforts.

What should I do with the stain myself?

It is best to not do anything to the stain yourself before you decide to get it treated professionally. Treating it yourself can cause the stain to ingrain into the fibers, making it more difficult for us to remove the stain completely. There is also a possibility that you damage the fabric, leaving a light mark or circle where the stain was.

What is dry-cleaning?

Commonly people think of using steam to clean the clothes as the definition of dry cleaning. This is not entirely appropriate, however. A more appropriate definition of dry cleaning is the cleaning of clothes in large machines that are comparable to large washing machines. Inside, the stains are removed using detergent and a solvent. The solvent that is used, is designed especially so that it does not affect vulnerable materials or cause it to shrink or to felt. Steam is used toward the end of the dry-cleaning process: during the ironing and pressing.

Is there a chance my clothes will shrink when I get it cleaned professionally?

Clothing can shrink during a professional cleaning treatment. There can be shrinkage of up to 3%.

Is there a chance my clothes will be worn out due to the cleaning process?

No, the opposite is true: having your clothes cleaned professionally prevents it from being worn out sooner. Clothes become worn out when dirt stays in the fibers for too long.

I don’t have a care label, is this a problem?

The care label is attached to the clothing by the supplier to prevent inappropriate washing methods to be used on the clothing. Sometimes, however, it occurs that an item of clothing is delivered without a care label. This is not a problem for us. We have the specialized knowledge required to determine what types of textiles your clothing is made of (wool, cotton, synthetic fibers). We can also discover the textiles have been subject to any enhancing processes, prints, or other special treatments. We analyze your clothing and apply the appropriate cleaning method.

Is there any form of warranty for the cleaning process?

We are confident in what we can do. Customer satisfaction is highly valued here at Hartevelt. We are members of the Dutch Association of Textile Cleaners NETEX. Additionally, we possess the Netex environment certificate and the ‘Complete Quality Certificate’. In case you may have a complaint, the terms provided by the Netex serve as our guidelines for an appropriate response. We will do anything we can to prevent complaints from occurring. When there is a complaint, we are affiliated with the OKB; an independent complaints assessment bureau.

Does the water and dirt repellent layer guarantee that I will never have a stain again?

The water and dirt repellent layer assures that the stain does not penetrate deeply into the fibers instantly. The stain simply lies on top of the fabric, so to speak. This makes it easier for you to get rid of the stain quickly, using a dry, clean, white cloth (tap on the stain, never rub!).

How can I check if my clothing is still water repellent?

Simply have a few droplets of water slide across the clothing. There should be no wet or moist stripes where the droplets have been.

What are the opening hours of the dry cleaner?

Monday through Friday 07.30 am – 04.30 pm.

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