Interior textiles

Air socks (air hose)

Air socks have to be cleaned twice a year to maintain its sustainability and the air quality in the building. Mold is able to grow in the air socks because air is constantly blown through it. This causes the air that comes out to be less clean, which could harm the health of the people breathing in the air. Another reason to have your air socks cleaned professionally is the way they will look when it is done: they will look brand new and will help give a hygienic feel to the workplace again! In our workshop we can also repair any damages (like broken zippers and/or seams).



Dry-cleaners Hartevelt is the right place to go to get your curtains cleaned as well. Often times, curtains collect more dirt over time than people might think. Dirt gets into the curtains when windows are open or when smoke is nearby (think of smoke from cigarettes, a fire place, grilling, etc.). Dry-cleaners Hartevelt having over 70 years of experience and skilled personnel is the partner you are looking for to clean your curtains.


It is a fact that a good night’s sleep does good things for your health. Hartevelt would like to help you get a good night’s sleep. We clean your bed linen using a variety of techniques (depending on the type of linen), so you can sleep in a clean bed!