Air socks essential to clean air

Hartevelt has developed to become a specialist in cleaning air hoses over the years, also called air socks. The cleaning process specially designed to clean air socks ensures that any mold and bacteria are removed.

Airsocks have to be cleaned twice a year to maintain its sustainability and the air quality in the building. Mold is able to grow in the airsocks because air is constantly blown through it. This causes the air that comes out to be less clean, which could harm the health of the people breathing in the air. Another reason to have your airsocks cleaned professionally is the way they will look when it is done: they will look brand new and will help give a hygienic feel to the workplace again! In our workshop we can also repair any damages (like broken zippers and/or seams).

Benefits of a professional cleaning:

  • Clean feel
  • Thorough cleaning without discoloration or shrinkage
  • Does not reduce the air flow of the airsocks
  • Prevents tears in the fabric
  • Helps to maintain the product’s durability
  • Prevents unnecessary energy usage
  • Damages are skillfully repaired in our workshop

We are here to advise you!
If you choose to have the air socks cleaned periodically by professionals, we can set up a long-term plan. We will create a service plan that is completely adjusted to your personal wishes. This can include (de)mounting the air socks, replacing the air socks, and having a specific personal contact from our organization that will oversee the process.