Are you sleeping in a clean bed?

It is a fact that a good night’s sleep does good things for your health. Hartevelt would like to help you get a good night’s sleep. We clean your bed linen using a variety of techniques (depending on the type of linen), so you can sleep in a clean bed!

“Only 1 out of 25 households in the Netherlands sleeps under a clean duvet”

Research has shown that a significant part of the Netherlands nearly never washes their bed linen (source: NETEX, 2015). People tend to think that cleaning the sheets is enough for a clean bed. This, however, is not the case. People lose between ¼ – ½ liters of moisture while they sleep, causing the wool or down to tangle. This reduces the insulation capability of the duvet. Dry-cleaner’s Hartevelt can make sure the duvet regains its insulation capabilities. Additionally, the dust mites will disappear as a result of the cleaning process! According to American research (P. Tierno, New York Univeristy of Medicine) it is recommendable to clean your linen approximately once a week. You can also come to us to clean your mattress covers, pillows, sleeping bags, and sheets!

Tip: clean your duvet at least twice a year at a professional dry-cleaner’s (in addition to a weekly cleaning at home) and you will be guaranteed to sleep in a clean bed!