Specialized to your store’s needs

Hartevelt gets your products store-ready in tiptop shape through methods such as bracing, tunneling, blowing, drumming, ironing, and pressing. Using the complete solution package that we offer, we handle approximately 8,000,000 garments every year for a number of clothing import firms, wholesalers, and retailers from the Netherlands and Europe, and even outside of Europe. During the peak season we handle approximately 250,000 garments every week.

Most of the clothing we receive is produced in the Far East, from where it is shipped in large boat containers or aircrafts all the way to Europe. Every day, 40 ft containers filled with garments are delivered on our doorstep. To get the clothing in the best condition as possible so they can be presented in our client’s stores, Hartevelt has designed a plan of action to ensure a desirable result: all accordingly to the quality requirements and your personal wishes. To achieve this, we use modern machinery that combine a variety of techniques.

When we receive goods, the first thing we do is check whether the number of goods is correct. Do you have an express order? That is no problem for Hartevelt, we can prepare samples ready to be picked up or sent out on the same day! Hartevelt also provides the customers with the opportunity to visit and provide specific instructions or to have a look at the goods. This can prevent any discrepancies early on in the production process. There is also an active inventory management system in place that provides actual levels of inventory.

Due to our many years of experience and wide range of service offerings, it is likely that we can solve any problem that you might face. A contact at our firm will keep you informed and updated about any developments. Want to know more? Contact us here to receive more information. We are happy to discuss all options!

Benefits of choosing Hartevelt

  • Experience with large quantities
  • Instructions on location
  • Detect anomalies early
  • Fixed contact point