Using our automated system, we can link the systems from the client and Hartevelt. Orders are automatically transferred to the scanners, saving a lot of time which allows faster processing and shorter delivery times. The current inventory is also presented in a clear overview. We provide storage space for hanging goods as well as goods that can be stored lying down. With over 14 kilometers of monorails and 12,000  floor space we can provide the customer many storage options. Your goods will be stored in our secured building.


The technological developments have led customers to demand more and more flexibility and speed. To be able to satisfy these demands, a reliable partner in logistics is required. Hartevelt has years of experience with satisfying these customer demands and knows how to handle the developments of increasing customer demands. Proactive thinking and efficient operations make Hartevelt a cost-reducing partner. Our warehouse management system offers many insights, like the level of current inventory at any moment, the turnover rate, and the number of product returns. In other words, as a producer, you take care of the design and production of the goods, and Hartevelt takes care of the rest!

Pick and pack

Garments, lifestyle products, living accessories, and office necessities are stored and secured in the Hartevelt Warehouse. Hartevelt is centrally located in the Netherlands in De Meern, which is considered a significant benefit. Hartevelt gives the customer the option to check if they are satisfied with the results when the goods are ready. This ensures that the goods can be presented in the store displaying the desired appearance. We use our central location and wide transportation network to bring the goods from the producer to the final destination. For the clearance of goods, Hartevelt is also the right place to go to. Our customers have to deal with the clearance of goods that have been ordered from outside of Europe in many instances. Hartevelt has a valuable partnership with a firm that has years of experience dealing with the clearance of goods from anywhere in the world. We are proud to take care of these processes for our customers all over the world! For more information and advice, contact us!

Pick and Pack

Wij werken met een geavanceerd scansysteem. Alle handscanners zijn verbonden met ons netwerk en het Warehouse Management Systeem. Het systeem stuurt orderpickers op de meest efficiënte manier naar de locatie waar de goederen zijn opgeslagen. Databestanden worden automatisch verzonden naar ons Warehouse Management Systeem, op deze manier worden de pickopdrachten afgeboekt en de actuele voorraad teruggekoppeld naar onze opdrachtgevers.

Value added service

We package the goods when they are ready according to the wishes of the customers. The goods can each be put in separate covers, they can be bundled and put in one cover, and we can insert spacers to separate the goods from touching. These are some examples of how we satisfy the packaging wishes of our customers. Hartevelt offers many options to ensure that the goods arrive at the customers in perfect condition. Goods that require to be transported horizontally are packaged in our specially designed boxes with thicker edges that minimize the chance of damage. For goods that need to be transported in a hanging position, we provide the option to add a special cover to go around the goods that offers extra protection against damages and theft.

Examples of other services

  • Attach price tags
  • Attach anti-theft tags
  • Attach hanging tags
  • Attach hanging labels
  • Replace pullers